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(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Frito-Lay North America )

Hot Ones is a YouTube show where celebrities attempt to eat insanely hot wings and answer increasingly difficult personal questions. As its grown to fame, the show is now stepping off of YouTube to go on your TV screens, with a brand new game show concept, titled Hot Ones: The Game Show.

With the new game show concept, contestants will no longer be celebrities, but your everyday people, and they will rather answer trivia questions. They will not be given napkins, water, milk, or ice cream or anything similar to calm their mouth. The contestants will go through four rounds of trivia questions with $25,000 and milkshakes as prizes.

Take a look at the episode below with Gordon Ramsay, as he critiques the wings in his oh so brutal and savage way. Please be advised of foul language.  

If you’re daring enough to try the sauces for yourself, click here to be taken to the hot ones hot sauce website.