General George Washington (1732 - 1799) stands in the prow of a rowing boat crossing the Delaware to seek safety in Pennysylvania after defeat by the British. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1. A Marriage Can Be Prohibited

In Delaware, if you’re on probation or on parole due to a crime, and you get married, that marriage is voidable and prohibited. 13 Delaware code section 101 B-7 states a marriage is prohibited and is void from the time of nullity is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction, at the instance of the innocent party if either party there too is on probation or parole from any court or institution.

2. Advertising for Adoption is Illegal

It is illegal in Delaware to advertise for adoption, which makes things difficult for adoption agencies of course. Under 13 Delaware code, section 930, it states it is illegal to advertise for adoption.

3. Borrowing Hearing Aid

16 Delaware code chapter 26-A states, if you’re a deaf child, and you need a hearing aid, you can borrow one from the state of Delaware.

4. It Is Illegal to Serve Margarine in Restaurants

If you’re a server or an owner of a food business, you may want to pay attention to this one, because if its violated, you may be facing a year in prison. It is illegal for restaurants to serve margarine unless they warn the customer that it is not actually butter. Under Delaware law, you are entitled to butter.

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