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I need to start shopping with Daphne!

Wrangling children at a grocery store is never easy, but your kid just might uncover some hidden treasure in the cereal aisle. CNN reports that 6-year-old Daphne Kenny of Sacramento was recently grocery shopping with her mom when she found a piece of paper lying on the shelf. It was a folded note that said, Whoever finds this, I love you, with a $100 bill tucked inside.

Daphne’s mother, Danica, said she considered keeping the money for herself (since to [a 6-year-old] a penny is the same as a $100 bill) but instead decided to let Daphne keep the money and spend it as she wished. Daphne decided to blow through the cash at Build-a-Bear Workshop, where two plush cat skins were purchased, stuffed, fluffed, and dressed to the nines. Both cats are named Steamy because that is Daphne’s actual cat’s name. Danica said of the experience, I hope it makes her think how her actions can affect other people and that even something small can make somebody happy.