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CANN RIVER, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 06: Strike team fire trucks roll out on January 06, 2020 in Cann River, Australia. Milder weather conditions have provided some relief for firefighters in Victoria as bushfires continue to burn across the East Gippsland area, as clean up operation and evacuations continue. Two people have been confirmed dead and four remain missing. More than 923,000 hectares have been burnt across Victoria, with hundreds of homes and properties destroyed. 14 people have died in the fires in NSW, Victoria and South Australia since New Year's Eve. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

What an incredible little boy!

A five-year-old Georgia boy saved his entire family when he awoke to flames in his bedroom. Noah was one of eight family members asleep in their home in Bartow County, Georgia, when he woke up to smoke and flames in the bedroom he shared with his two-year-old sister. Noah was able to grab his sister and escape through an open window before going back into the home to save his dog. But Noah didn’t stop there,  he then ran next door to his uncle’s house for help. Together, they alerted the rest of the family.