Be Our Valentine

LONDON, ENGLAND ? FEBRUARY 14: A man with his briefcase picking up flowers in a flower shop in North London, February, 2005. Lovers all over the world are celebrating Valentine's Day today. (Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)

Valentine’s day is coming… with a hefty price tag!

Valentine’s Day can be an incredibly expensive holiday. Restaurants, florists and candy makers all know they’re in high demand, and their prices can often reflect that. For example restaurants expect a high number of reservations, so they often create a prix fixe menu just for the special day. Last year, Business Insider reported the average American between the ages of 25-44 would spend between $240 & $280 on Valentine’s Day in total.

And while chocolates and flowers can be expensive items ahead of Valentine’s Day, things usually change come Feb. 15. Companies are usually looking to get rid of stock that didn’t sell and at a discounted price, too.

The night after the holiday has come to be known as Singles Awareness Day, but that doesn’t mean couples have to sit it out. In fact, some experts even recommend waiting for the night after to celebrate, especially if they plan on dining out. Aside from the lowered prices, restaurants typically go back to their regular menus.