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Delabear Beer coming soon!

Remember the black bear that caused chaos in Wilmington back in December? The Delabear! Wilmington Brew Works will begin selling four –packs of its ‘Delabear Beer’ starting next week. The cans will be wrapped in a label the shows the bear’s route on a map of northern Delaware. The double IPA, which was triple dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, Vic Secret and Denali hops, has an ABV of 9%. The brewery had a new beer ready to be released back in December. When Delabear made its appearance, they quickly scraped the original name, Double Delaware IPA and renamed it Delabear Beer.  The brewery will release the cans to the general public on Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 5 p.m. Four-packs cost $22 and a single can is $6.50.


A quote from the original video of the Delabear in this guy’s back yard is also on the cans- minus the profanity: “The bear’s in our backyard. Hoo mama! The bear’s in our yard. There it is. Ho ho hoo mama. It’s on the back porch. Oh my God. Holy, no way. Bearwatch! Look at that thing. Doooh, the bear. No way. No way!”


Please remember, this video is NSFW.