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LONDON - MARCH 04: In this photo illustration, two pedestrians walks past padded lamp posts whilst texting in Brick Lane on March 4, 2008 in London, England. Brick Lane has become the first 'Safe Text' street in the UK. the padded lamp posts have been introduced to combat the 6.5 million street injuries that occur from walking and texting.


SAVED BY A STRANGER: A woman who was so busy looking her phone she nearly got run over by a car! Thank goodness, she was saved by a stranger in the nick of time. The near miss was captured on a dashboard camera in Cincinnati. In the footage, the man is seen sprinting towards the woman as she remains oblivious to the car headed her way. The stranger finally grabs her with both arms and turns her around to face the pavement. A white car is then seen driving along the road she had just stepped off. Please be careful! You can see the video here!