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(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

You’d never suspect finding this in your couch. Maybe some coins or an old remote, but not a seven foot snake.

While looking for his keys in his couch, his hand stumbled upon the scaly skin of a boa constrictor, that police suspects was a pet of one of his neighbors that ran away. Local officials believe the snake was living in his couch for longer than a month!

Luckily, a firefighter who has a love for snakes came to the rescue and pulled the snake from the couch. The Butler County Fire District in Kansas is currently soliciting their Facebook page to find the correct owner of the boa constrictor.

Butler County Fire District #3

This morning, we were asked by Rose Hill PD for assistance with an u... nusual call in Rose Hill. A citizen called 911 and reported finding a six foot (Edit: Boa Constrictor) in their living room couch! Yikes! BCFD#3 responded and the snake was wrangled by our resident snake charmer, Deputy Fire Chief Linot, who is pictured along with Firefighter Kolter.