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Holidays Unwrapped

So you’ve been invited to a white elephant gift party and you’re not sure what that entails.

Here is a bit of background: A white elephant gift exchange is a party game where amusing, impractical gifts are exchanged during festivities. Usually, the goal of a white elephant gift exchange is to entertain party-goers rather than to gain a genuinely valuable or highly sought-after item. It is also sometimes known as “Dirty Santa.”

The term “white elephant” refers to an extravagant, but impractical, gift that cannot be easily disposed of. The phrase is said to come from the historic practice of the King of Siam (now Thailand) giving rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, so that they might be financially ruined by the animals’ upkeep costs.

Many websites and stories online give ideas for “white elephant” gifts. Here’s some of our favorites:

Business Insider lists the top five gift for white elephant parties:

A Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery
A brownie pan that only makes edge pieces
A desk fan for the always-sweaty coworker
Beer-and-food-pairings guide towel
The Exploding Kittens Card Game

 Target got into the game offering a section for white elephant gifts that include a magic crystal ball, crafting with cat hair and a fact book on Chuck Norris “The World’s Greatest Human.” Other favorites at Target including drunk coloring nook and a shower beer holder. Most of these gifts are under the $15 dollar mark.

Gift also offers some unique gifts for the white elephant including a truth serum decanter, a nut scent candle set, a book on why men have nipples and a lick brush so you can actually lick your cat.

Learn more about “white elephant gifts” below:

No Title

In November of 1996, 5 friends attempted to make an instructional video explaining the rules of the white elephant gift exchange, those friends were never seen again. 19 years later the footage was found.

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