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(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Yesterday there were rumors of the bear being captured after being hit with a tranquilizer gun from reporters on the scene. The bear is still in fact on the loose and has been last spotted in the Alapocas area.

The young bear was cornered by Wilmington Police and Wildlife Officers and with a tranquilizer but the dart hit the bear and fell out. The bear kept running and hopping fences throughout Trolley Square and the Wilmington area. Helicopters hovered the Dupont Experimental Station with spotlights through the evening last night in search of the bear.

The Dela-bear has been spotted across many locations including Salesianum High School, Trolley Square, Alapocas, Silverside Road, Darley Road, and even a local ACME where it crossed train tracks seconds before a train came down the tracks.

Police informs all those that live in the Wilmington area and especially the Alapocas area to be cautious of their surroundings, and to bring their pets inside.

Wildlife officials claim  the bear to be possibly around 200 pounds and it appears to be a younger bear.

Alapocas Run State Park has closed their wooded areas and trails for the time being.