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There’s a new service coming to Wilmington!

There’s a new service coming to Wilmington as early as next month! And it’s all because of a UD Graduate! It’s an app called GoShare, and it’s like Uber for trucks. The idea behind it is to make truck rentals and deliveries easier, faster, and cheaper. It pairs people who need a truck with truck drivers. So if you’re moving apartments or you just need to move some furniture, you can find someone with a truck who will help you out. It’s also a great opportunity for people who drive the trucks to make some extra money. Companies such as Costco and Pier One have also partnered with GoShare to deliver items to their customers. GoShare was launched in 2015 by a UD Graduate named Shaun Savage and has already expanded to about 30 markets. Shaun said that he’s bringing GoShare to Delaware partially because Costco asked.