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  • Delaware State Police released a statement about the recent rise in fatal car accidents. They say that most the majority of them involved distracted driving. Don’t do it!


  • The NBA has enacted a zero tolerance policy for hateful and abusive fan behavior. If you act up, you will be ejected from a game and may even lose your season tickets. Behave!


  • A Haunted House in Tennessee will pay someone $20,000 if they can make it through the entire thing without chickening out. In order to attempt, you must have a physical, proof of health insurance, and sign a 40 page waiver. It’s so scary that the owner had to show Youtube videos to people who participated to prove that what they saw wasn’t real.



  • It’s spooky season! We’ve got a lot of haunts right here in our backyard, including Cossart Road aka “Devil’s Road.” You can read the creepy legend at our website at


  • A British man lost his wedding ring swimming in the ocean because he failed to put it in safe place. He took to facebook for help finding it. A couple found the ring next to a fish that was splashing around and the man was reunited with his ring.