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  • Working long hours is stressful but it can also make you go bald. If you work more than 52 hours per week, you should think about investing in a toupee or some hair plugs.


  • Netflix wants to crack down on people who share account information to avoid paying for a subscription. In other words, Netflix wants to crack down on everybody.



  • Oreo ‘dunk kits’ are coming back to Walmart to make snacking a little bit easier. It comes with 13 cookies, 2 mugs, and a pair of tongs to achieve the perfect dunk.


  • Udairy released a new menu item just in time for homecoming weekend. It’s called Delaware Gold Cheese. The colby style cheese is now available at Udairy’s retail stores and online.



  • A Wisconsin officer pulled over a mom of two who was driving with an invalid registration. When the woman explained that she just bought the car and couldn’t afford car seats for her kids, Officer Kevin Zimmerman let her off without a ticket, bought the kids car seats, and even properly installed them in her car.