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Little old Delaware, small but wholesome, has some serious hauntings and unexplained events within its history.

1. Seaford – Old Maggie’s Bridge

The legend of Old Maggie’s Bridge has become popular with the locals of Seaford. And it is a sad one, as most ghost stories are. Although it seems much like an embellished story you’d tell to freak out your friends, there may still be some truth behind the ghost story. Maggie’s famous bridge is located on Rt. 78 in Seaford. Legend has it, it was the site of a fatal accident of a pregnant woman named Maggie. Here’s where it get’s iffy…If you stand on Maggie’s Bridge at night and shout out “Maggie, I have your baby” you will hear the sound of poor Miss Maggie crying in the bushes looking for her child.

2. Bethany – The Addy Sea

Within Bethany, Delaware, there is a Victorian style bed and breakfast with beautiful views of the ocean. The house was constructed in 1902 and was named after John M. Addy. When it comes to the ghosts and ghouls of The Addy Sea, the stories tell that at least 3 of the 13 rooms are indeed haunted. Room #1 offers guests a “haunted bathroom.” The copper bathroom has had many records of guests saying the room is violently shaking. Room #6 takes a different style of haunt. When passing the room through the hall, people have heard organ music, yet there is no organ in the room. I mean I hope not considering it’s a bed and breakfast in the 21st century. Lastly, Room #11 is taken by the ghost of Paul Delaney, a man who once worked at the bed and breakfast.

There have also been reports of a ghost who runs through the hallways in the evening. You can even hear their feet scampering! Perfume floats through the building mysteriously, and music plays by itself. On top of all of this, one can ever hear footsteps on the roof in the middle of the night. Those footsteps belong to Kurt Addy, who fell to his death from the roof many many years ago.

3. Wilmington – Bellevue Hall

This one hits hard for us here at WJBR, as we are neighbors to Bellevue Hall. Many spirits of Delaware call Bellevue Hall home. The second and third floors of the building have been closed to the public, but staff say that these are by far the most active parts of the property in terms of unexplained activity. Electricity is constantly being turned on and off and chairs and furniture are moved around and displaced. To top it all of, workers have even heard disembodied screams and laughter!

4. Lewes – Cape Henlopen State Park

Lewes, Delaware is home to Cape Henlopen State Park, a beautiful state park that proudly represents Delaware and its beaches. But it comes with creepy tales of ghosts. This legend states that there is a phantom soldier still on duty behind Tower 12. Get too close to his post and you’ll be yelled at or growled at. His post by Tower 12 is located in a bunker underneath a dune near the campground bike trail. People have also taken pictures around that spot and have seen a mysterious face appear in their photos and videos.

5. Christiana – Christiana Fire Company Station 12

Christiana Fire Company has two ghosts haunting their station. Get this, one is evil, one is kind. Yin and yang. At the engineer’s doorway stands the evil spirit. This one appears much more frequently, of course. The kind ghost has been seen on rare occurrences. Legend has it, the kind spirit shows up to stop the evil from wreaking too much havoc. Witnesses say you can feel the tension in the air when you’re there by yourself and some have even stated seeing two shadowy figures, one much darker than the other.

6. Frankford – Cat Man’s Grave

Cat Man is probably one of the creepiest and unusual stories of Delaware. In Frankford, there is a cemetery by the name of Long Cemetery, which is one of the most haunted places in Delaware. When the Cat Man lived, he was a grave keeper who spent lots of his time on the cemetery rather chasing out gravediggers and troublemakers. Apparently, he was a manb that resembled a feline and after his death, his cat-like features became very prevalent and now takes the manifestation of a part cat-part man creature that roams the cemetery. After all, he is still doing his job inthe graveyard, keeping out the troublemakers. If you really want to spook yourself, knock and his tomb and disturb him at rest. Your vehicle might see some difficulties, making it hard to leave the cemetery.

7. Dover – John Dickinson House

Some may know the John Dickinson Mansion as Poplar Hall. It was the childhood home of former Congressman and delegate to the US Constitutional Convention of 1787, John Dickinson. The home was built in 1739 and was almost completely destroyed in a fire during 1804. It is now opento the public as a museum but is also one of the most haunted places in Delaware. Rightfully so (we suppose) John Dickinson haunts the property himself. Many tourists of the museum have heard the sound of someone writing in the old master’s study. His apparition has also been seen around the property and his voice has been captured several times via EVP.

8. Delaware City – Fort Delaware

No longer serving its military purpose, Fort Delaware remains highly active in the paranormal. Peas Patch Island has been owned by the Military since the 1810s having been seized from a Doctor Gale who was using it as his private hunting ground. The French actually built Fort Delaware to protect the land from the Confederates and other enemies at the time. Nowadays, Fort Delaware is said to be the absolute most haunted place in Delaware. The dungeons on the island are said to be the most active spots on the property. The dungeons were home to prisoners who were served no food or water, and didn’t even get a bed to sleep on. Disease and death was prominent due to sleeping with the rats on the stone floor. Apparitions, full body and shadow figures, have both been reported while on tour guides. More often than not, voices scream in the night and down the halls of the dungeons. Obviously inactive, the dungeons sound as if they’re in full throttle, people moaning, chains swinging, etc.

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