Delaware resident, Markevis Gideon, attended the last open call for the 2019 episodes of Shark Tank,  last March in Kentucky.

After being chosen by producers to film an episode of the show, Gideon and his partners, Jake Voorhees and Jonathan Hoxter made their way to California to film their pitch.

The startup is called NerdIt Now.  They repair phones, computers, tablets and donate them back to undeserved communities.

They are looking to expand this venture with kiosks, which is what the pitch will be when the show airs on Sunday, October 27th at 9pm on ABC.  The kiosks, where customers can drop off their devices and have them repaired and returned in four to six hours would allow users to see and approve the pricing before they insert their device.

For more information about NerdIt Now, visit their website here.