(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

You read that right. Tomorrow, Friday, October 12th 2019, will be the first ever Mascots 5K right in Wilmington, Delaware on Market Street. What this means is, tons of mascots will be in attendance, including Sir Braveheart, J-Bear, and many many more characters you know and love. Register for the 5K by clicking here and meet all the mascots!

Mascots for a Cure, which it is known by, is dedicated to helping kids in the fight against childhood cancer. Outside of the 5K race, Mascots for a Cure sends their funny and lovable characters to kids around the nation who are battling cancer. Their job – simply to make the children smile and support them in the fight.

Each year, around 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States alone. One in every 330 Americans develop cancer before the age of twenty.

Mascots for a Cure started from a personal experience with cancer. Behind each battle, there is a story. And the story of Mascots for a Cure is driven by passion; the power of mascots; creating unique opportunities and events for organizations, people, and mascots to be a part of; and most importantly love.

To register for the 5K please click here!

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