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Elton John is seriously setting up fans for a wild reading experience with the latest preview of his memoir, ME, which comes out on October 15.

The latest preview was published by The Daily Mail and covers his struggle with cocaine addiction, relationship issue and rehab.

Sir Elton recalled how he would often go through a breakup only to start a relationship again by writing, “It was absolutely dreadful behavior: I’d have one leaving at the airport at the same time as the new one was flying in.”

He would continue by recalling how another rock star would handle relationships. John writes, “It was a decadent era, and plenty of other pop stars were behaving in a similar way —Rod Stewart occasionally let girls know he’d finished with them by just leaving a plane ticket on their bed, so he wasn’t going to win any awards for chivalry either. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this can’t be right. I couldn’t stand being on my own. I had to be with people.”

John also detailed his intense addiction to cocaine by sharing a story about performing live with the Rolling Stones. Sir Elton wrote the following:

If anything, cocaine gave me too much confidence for my own good. If I hadn’t been coked out of my head when the Rolling Stones turned up in Colorado and asked me to come onstage with them, I might have just performed Honky Tonk Women, waved to the crowd and made my exit.

Instead, I decided it was going so well, I’d stay on and jam along to the rest of their set, without first taking the precaution of asking the Stones if they wanted an auxiliary keyboard player. For a while, I thought Keith Richards kept staring at me because he was awestruck by the brilliance of my improvised contributions to their oeuvre. After a few songs, it finally penetrated my brain that the expression on his face wasn’t really suggestive of profound musical appreciation.

I quickly scuttled off, noting as I went that Keith was still staring at me in a manner that suggested we’d be discussing this later, and decided it might be best if I didn’t hang around for the after-show party.”

ME is currently available for pre-order via Macmillan Publishers.

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