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MESQUITE, NV - OCTOBER 02: A Mesquite Police Department vehicle blocks access in the Sun City Mesquite community where suspected Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock lived in Mesquite, Nevada on October 2, 2017 in Mesquite, Nevada. Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, allegedly opened fire from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the music festival, leaving at least 58 people dead and over 500 injured. According to reports, Paddock killed himself at the scene. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

If you’re driving distracted, the police are watching for you! During a recent crackdown, New Castle County police in unmarked vehicles surprised many drivers who were on their phone. Officers in unmarked vehicles spot someone on their phone, then they call an officer in a marked car to pull the motorist over.  Some excuses were: I was changing the music, or I was looking for my ear piece. A ticket for distracted driving is costly, and fines escalate after multiple offenses. There are no excuses! We see it ALL the time. Just put the phone down. It’s not risk your life or someone else’s.