(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Johnny B here. You read that title right…I haven’t had cereal for a solid 13 years. I remember it because I was doing mornings at the time and I would wake up and make myself a bowl of cereal. But for some reason I stopped and never noticed that I did until just this weekend.

I was in the grocery store, acting like an 11 year old of course…and as I went exploring the isles, I realized I haven’t had cereal for breakfast in years.

I’m not sure how the rest of adults enjoy breakfast, but nowadays cereal just really isn’t my typical go-to. But the minute I saw all the boxes of sugary goodness, I immediately craved Lucky Charms. You know they make ’em with 3 different unicorn shapes now? So I had to get a box…or two…or three.

So I’m curious to know what your favorite cereal is. Maybe I’ll find something I’ve never tried before. Comment your favorite in the box below, and let’s also have a discussion on Facebook about it as well by clicking here.

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