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  • If you want take a one way trip and move to Mars, your diet will consist of fake eggs, insects, algae, and milk. There’s no pizza on Mars.


  • Don’t back up on 95! The exit to 896 was closed earlier this morning and drivers were pulling over and backing up their car on a busy interstate to avoid tolls. The exit has since been re-opened.


  • Even though couples divide household chores, a majority of women still do both the cooking and shopping. Don’t say you help! You both live there!



  • Loyalty is a powerful motivator that can override virtues like honesty. Research finds that many people would not turn in a family member if they have committed a crime.


  • 13 children who lost their firefighter fathers in 9/11 are honoring their fathers’ legacy because they all just graduated from the FDNY training academy.