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Entertainment News

Oprah Winfrey recently sat down with television host Ellen DeGeneres during her visit with The Ellen Show, and she revealed that she had a recent grueling health scare.

During her visit, Winfrey talked with DeGeneres regarding her recent bout with pneumonia, which landed her in an emergency room. The media mogul also discussed her upcoming tour, “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus.”

Before going into detail, Winfrey shared that she has just been cleared by her doctor, the day before coming on the show.

“I came back from overseas and I thought I had a cold, but it wasn’t a cold. I ended up in the emergency room and they said ‘You have pneumonia,'” Winfrey said.

“I go home with pneumonia and pneumonia is nothing to play with y’all it’s very serious. ”

Winfrey also said that she was on antibiotics for a week, but they weren’t working.

“Then I went back for another CT Scan and they said, ‘It’s actually worse. You should see a lung specialist.’ So I go in for a lung specialist. This is a moment. I love the lung specialist. Dr. K, you’re fabulous but I go in and I can see him. I said I’ve got a little rattling,” Winfrey explained.

“I see the ‘Oh s—‘ face. He immediately said you should cancel everything. You cannot fly for a month. And then he had 18 viles of blood drawn. I said this must be very serious because I saw his face.”

Check out a clip from the interview below.


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