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Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Michael Waite and Jessie in the morning

Everyday we like to reflect on what we learned during the Morning Show. Join us for more wisdom tomorrow morning from 5:30-10!

  • A bat on the loose was flying around the cabin on a Spirit Airlines flight. One passenger took a video for all of us, while another caught it using a book and a cup. The bat was locked in the restroom for the remainder of the two hour flight.


  • If you’re trying to lose weight quickly, experts say that keeping a short window of eating time each day can help. They say that eating between 8am-2pm is best because it syncs with your circadian rhythm and metabolism.


  • 107 year –old, Louise Signore, says that her key to longevity is dancing, bingo, and not getting married. Her genes may have something to do with it because her younger sister is 102.


  • Karma is real! A man who stole a bottle of ketchup from a local Perkins brought two new bottles and an apology note to the restaurant because the crime brought him bad luck. His car was hit just hours after the theft. Perkins didn’t even notice the ketchup was missing and all is forgiven.


  • A six year old boy named Blake from Georgia is starting a new school year today wearing a shirt that says “I will be your friend.” He was previously bullied and he wants kids going through the same thing to know that they have a friend in him.