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Rental properties have become very popular over the past few years. For both landlords looking to grow their money, as well as tenants looking to perhaps save some. But would your opinion on renting change if we told you that your landlord is not your friend. (Well, in most cases.)

A new website has emerged by the name of Bigger Pockets, which gives landlords advice on how to deal with tenants. But it goes much further than just that.

The website lays out different ways a landlord can legally take advantage of the tenants’ rights.

Again, in most cases landlords are not your friends.

Within landlord-tenant codes, the power seems to be balanced. But deep within contracts, which are typically drawn up by the landlords themselves, the landlord holds all the power.

Many Americans have had to sell their own homes recently and start to rent due to money issues. Investment companies noticed the demand for rental properties and began to purchase many apartment complexes.

If you’re a tenant, it’s a smart option to look at the ways a landlord could possibly take advantage of your rental. It’s highly recommended to always read over your contract at least twice and do some research on the landlord themselves before signing anything.

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