A small boy asleep with his pet dog circa 1950. (Photo by Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images)

Hey everybody, Johnny B here!

I’ve been having a little bit of an insomnia phase lately. I’ll usually knock out around 10 pm and sleep right through the night, but recently I’ve been waking up at 2 am, wide awake.

Either there’s too much Aerosmith stuck in my head or I’ve had a cup of coffee way too close to bed time. Well in this case, late last night Motley Crue was running through my brain.

Again, I found myself awake at 2 in the morning. I’m not sure what your sleep remedy is, you can tell me on Facebook by joining the conversation here, but my go to is usually some Donald Fagen and his album Nightfly. Some smooth jazz to settle me down into a deep snore. Usually no more than 3 songs and I’ll be fast asleep again.

This time, there was no stopping the Crue. Donald Fagen didn’t stand a chance.

I decided to grab my phone and prop myself up in bed, and watch their live performance in Russia from back in 1989. Next thing I know, it’s 4 am and the concert’s coming to an end. I watched the whole entire thing.

And then it was time to start my day.

Maybe I’ll think twice next time about YouTubing the live show of Motley Crue….I’ll probably go for the Dave Matthews Band next.

Hollywood Kyle is the Digital Content Producer and Production Director of Mix 99.5 WJBR. Being a Delaware local, Kyle takes pride in his hometown and has had a love for music since a young age. Hollywood Kyle joins the Mix Morning Show for abstract thoughts and ideas during "Hollywood Kyle" segment around 9:40am Monday thru Friday.