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(Photo by Ross Mantle/Getty Images)

On Saturday, July 20th, 2019, just after 9:00 pm, Wilmington police were called due to a vehicle driving right through the wall of Purebread Deli located on Delaware Ave.

The driver had been shot and gone unconscious with the vehicle still in drive.

The young 23 year old who was driving the sedan was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

As police continued to investigate the scene, they closed I-95 south at Concord Pike to search for connected evidence. There were no other injuries reported at the scene, and no signs of passengers in the vehicle. Wilmington police think the actual shooting took place while driving on I-95. The young male had taken the exit and eventually lost consciousness, driving into the deli.

Sunday afternoon, PureBread Deli’s Facebook page had notified customers the location on Delaware Ave would be closed for “an indefinite period of time due to circumstances beyond our control.”


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