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The Lion King (the original one) has been voted the best Disney animated film of all time. And some fans might even argue that it is the best movie of all time.

The reasoning behind this: the movie speaks to people of all ages, all backgrounds, and teaches us valuable lessons throughout.

I think another reason to note is that no matter when you watch it in life, you’ll always enjoy it and probably get choked up…

Among so many other great animations, like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Mulan, Fantasia, and The Little Mermaid, Disney is by far the leader in creating animated films.


The brand new live-action Lion King has just hit theaters today and we’re so excited to be giving away tickets during the match game!

And it also seems that the older we grow, the more live action Disney animations are being made. With Christopher Robin, Aladdin, Dumbo, and Lion King releasing today, we see this becoming the new norm for Disney. And we’re not complaining.

Just please spare us some nightmares and don’t make Toy Story into live-action…

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