Culver City, CA - December 28: Jeopardy podiums on December 28, 2015 in Culver City. Jeopardy is a popular game show in America.

You probably know by now that James Holzhauer’s record streak as Jeopardy! champion ended on Monday night. His 32-match run earned him $2.4 million. Holzhauer told the New York Times, “Nobody likes to lose. But I’m very proud of how I did, and I really exceeded my own expectations for the show.  So I don’t feel bad about it.” The loss came to librarian Emma Boettcher.  Holzhauer said of the new champion, “I lost to a really top-level competitor. She played a perfect game. And that was what it took to beat me.” Holzhauer fell $58,485 short of breaking the record for the most money won on Jeopardy!