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Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Everyday we like to reflect on what we learned during the Morning Show. Join us for more wisdom tomorrow morning from 5:30-9!

  • The most popular cuisine around the world is Italian and the least favorite is Peruvian. Nothing beats homemade gravy on Sunday!


  •  Game of Thrones fans, you can buy attire and wine to get ready for premiere of the final season. The attire will set you back big bucks but the wine is wallet-friendly.


  • Ladies, you can fight it all you want, but the age you start to turn into your mother is 33.


  •  Peloton is in big trouble! They’re being sued for 150 million dollars for playing unlicensed music in their streaming classes.


  •  Taco bell hot sauce is life-saving! A guy in Winterhaven, Florida was eating at his local Taco Bell when he got up to get more hot sauce. In that moment, a car came crashing through the building and hit the table where he was sitting.