Two Tennessee parents are facing charges of child abuse and aggravated assault thanks to the quick thinking of an Olive Garden waitress, other staff, and patrons. 21-year-old Jordan Cooper took to social media asking for help identifying the couple writing, “Tonight working at Paducah Olive Garden, I had a couple that came in with a child that was severely beaten in the face. Her face was black and blue all over. The guy in this picture was force feeding her food down her throat and grabbing her by her shirt and getting in her face.” Cooper had asked co-workers and other customers to help snap photographs. The family bolted after Cooper confronted the man in the bathroom. A friend and 911 operator would later see Cooper’s Facebook post and started sleuthing.  WPSD television reports the efforts would lead to the arrests 33-year-old Mark Lee Pierce and 36-year-old Jessica Woodwork. Police say a welfare check of the home uncovered significant evidence of abuse.