Dak Prescott’s dogs have been accused by a neighbor of breaking her fence down and harming her, according to a 911 call placed on February 25th. 

The neighbor said during the call that her finger had been bitten off by the dogs.  When police arrived her hand had been bandaged by paramedics, but the finger was still intact, however, split open.

The dogs got loose after a door was left open.  Prior to attacking the woman, the dogs attacked her dog.  When the woman intervened, that’s when the dogs went after her right hand, causing four days of hospitalization.

It is unclear at this time if Dak Prescott will face any charges.

One of Prescott’s dogs, a 90-pound pit bull named Icon, will remain in custody at the Collin County Animal Shelter pending the decision of a hearing to determine whether the animal is a “dangerous dog,” The dog had been quarantined for 10 days.

The hearing will be held on March 20th.