A passenger flying to Australia had to travel with a mask on and lock herself in the bathroom because of her nut allergy. Laura Merry boarded a Qantas flight to Melbourne. She told the airline well in advance that she had nut allergies that could send her into anaphylactic shock. The paperwork showed that Qantas agreed not to serve nuts on her flight. When Merry boarded the plane, the cabin manager claimed that she didn’t have any documentation about the nut issue. The passengers would be served almond slices during the flight.     The airport manager got involved and told Merry to not stay on the flight. Merry said it wasn’t an option. She wore a mask and sat in the airplane bathroom for the duration of the trip. Merry posted about her predicament on social media and people were outraged with the airline’s behavior. Qantas said they would be in contact with Merry.