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  • Alex Trebeck, the beloved Jeopardy host, has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He’s asked for prayers to help him beat the odds to fight this deadly disease.


  • Savory and sweet is usually a good combination but this is out of hand. You can now get a cheese steak in between two pieces of pound cake.


  • The keto diet is helping a lot of people lose weight but it’s causing other issues. People are dealing with upset stomachs due to the lack of fiber.


  • We all love our pets and now you can morph into yours. A Japanese company can create a very realistic mask of your pet with only a picture. The mask will set you back $2700, which is a lot of vet bills.


  • This will warm your heart! Arkansas teenager, Tanner Wilson saved his money for two years to purchase an electric wheelchair for his friend, Brandon Qualls, who was struggling with his hand push chair.