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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” Performance on the Oscars was a tender and powerful moment that was one of the show’s most anticipated moments.

Both actors nominated for Best Actor and Actress tonight came directly from their seats on the front row of the show hand in hand to perform the Oscar-nominated original song.

As Cooper began singing, the two looked into each other eyes, then Gaga took to the grand piano and sang her powerful part. As the song came to a close, Cooper got off his stool and sat at the piano bench next to Gaga and they two shared the mic for the remainder of the song.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper sings Shallow Oscars 2019 Performance

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Oscars 2019 Performance


Sparks seemed to fly between the co-stars, as their chemistry was on full display during the performance which got a standing ovation from the Oscar crowd.

-Nancy Brooks