Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Everyday we like to reflect on what we learned during the Morning Show. Join us for more wisdom tomorrow morning from 5:30-9 !

1) If you’re a dog parent, you should know it is safe at home 3-4 hours at a time, anything more than that, you should have a trusted person come over to walk the dog to break up the time.

2) Americans think about food four times per day for about 40 minutes wasting up to 240 hours per year.

3) You won’t hungry this Valentine’s day! Krispy Kreme rolled out heart shaped conversation donuts in lieu of sweetheart candies. Chick-fil-a will be selling chicken mini’s in heart shaped container and Costco is selling heart shaped 4 cheese raviolis.

4) Apparently dogs can teach themselves new tricks! A woman was grabbing a bottle of wine in Palm Beach Florida when her pup grew impatient. The dog started honking the car horn.

5) Dig into your closet today to find something red! Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day and the goal is to raise awareness about heart disease in women.