Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Happy New Year!!!! Every day we like to reflect on what we learned on the morning show. Join us for more wisdom tomorrow from 530-9!

  • If your New Year’s Resolution is to drop a few pounds, Wendy’s is not helping. They’re offering free Frosty’s every day for the entire year. The key tag that scores you the treats will be sold at Wendy’s for 2 dollars until January 31st.


  • A Grinch stole Christmas for some scam victims this holiday season. Some people who received pricey electronics on Christmas morning found the boxes filled with sand or other stuffing material and their real presents stolen.


  • Alcohol is sabotaging your diet! One drink can easily eat up 10% or more of your daily calories and slow down your metabolism.


  • It’s a good time to travel by car; gas is less than 2 dollars per gallon in some places in Delaware.


  • According to psychologists, some of the best New Year’s resolutions are: say no more often, prioritize sleep, start journaling, and learn something new.