Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Over this past weekend, I was incredibly honored to be the emcee for the 2018 Walk-For-Wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation. The mission of Make a Wish is simple. They strive to grant wishes for critically ill children who are robbed of their chance to simply BE a child. Instead of playing outside with friends, going to school, or eating dinner with family, these kids are trapped in a hospital undergoing treatment. They get pricked with needles and pumped with medicine all day long. I can’t imagine what these families go through. Many times, the child is too young to even comprehend the extent of his or her diagnoses. The heartbreak that parents must feel watching their child suffer and deteriorate is unimaginable.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, every critically ill child is eligible to have a wish granted. The children can wish for anything they dream of! What these kids come up with is remarkable and inspiring.  Wish kid Kaitlin wished to go to Hawaii and surf with dolphins. Wish kid Quincy wished to design new chairs for the hospital so patients can be more comfortable. Another child simply wished for friends. Wishes provide joy and hope to these families, which is crucial for recovery. The magic of a wish allows kids to escape from their illnesses and just be kids.

Meet wish kid Tyler Benscoter! He just started first grade this year! He loves animals and dinosaurs. He’s a fan of the movie cars, especially Lightening McQueen. Tyler likes to eat mac n cheese, honey mustard pretzel bits, peanut M&M’s, and Swedish fish! He’s also a Ninja Turtles and Spiderman fan. Tyler told his wish granters that he wanted to go to Disney World. It was such a wonderful experience to tell Tyler that his wish is being granted!


I am so inspired by this foundation and these kids!!!! One of my goals for the holiday season and New Year is to become a wish granter and learn more about these amazing kiddos to help them discover their one true wish!

This past year, Make a Wish Philadelphia, Delaware, and Susquehanna Valley granted a record breaking 357 wishes! Since 2014, there have been about 150 wishes granted right here in Delaware with many more kids throughout the state waiting.  For more information about the local Make A Wish Chapter and how you can help by becoming a volunteer or donating check them out here.