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HUNTINGTON, UT - AUGUST 16: An Emery County ambulance leaves the Crandall Canyon coal mine August 16, 2007 near Huntington, Utah. Several ambulances and a MEDEVAC helicopter arrived at the mine in the evening as rescuers were injured during a collapse as they searched for six coal miners trapped 1,500 feet beneath the surface at the Crandall Canyon coal mine after an August 6 cave-in. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In August, we reported that Lyric McHenry’s lifeless body was found on a sidewalk in the Bronx.

Now, new details shed light on what caused her death.

Just hours before she died, the reality star partied with friends in Manhattan to celebrate her 26th birthday.

Immediately following her death, speculation mounted as to how she ended up on a sidewalk across from a construction lot.

An autopsy obtained by ENews reveals that Lyric died from a drug overdose.

More specifically, she had cocaine, heroin, and alcohol in her system when she passed away.

Alexis Meija-Ramirez was arrested in connection with McHenry’s death, though he is not being charged with a homicide, rather, it is believed Lyric took the substances on her own accord. However, Alexis allegedly tampered with evidence and is also being charged with concealment of a human corpse.

It is believed Alexis, 29, and two other males dumped McHenry’s body on the sidewalk and took off.

Right now, he is out on bail. It is not known when he will appear in court again.

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