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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Apparently, Ariana Grande isn’t just taking a break from Pete Davidson, she may be taking a break from us too.

In a now deleted Instagram Stories, the pop star revealed that she will be taking time away from social media.

We didn’t personally see the story, but People Magazine did view it and wrote about it on their website.

In the post, Ariana told her followers that she would be staying away from the internet for a little while because she keeps coming across things online she doesn’t want to see.

She went on to seemingly address her split with Pete by saying that it’s a very sad time right now and they are doing their best to keep going.

She wanted to remind her fans that she loved them and appreciated all their support.

However, since the post has now been deleted, it’s unclear if Ariana changed her mind and will return to social media.

Time will tell, we’ll keep you posted.

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