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You’ve all heard by now that Farrah Abraham was arrested recently and is being accused of assaulting a staff member at a hotel.

But you might not have heard that Farrah Abraham’s mom, is so concerned about the reality star’s daughter, she’s wants partial custody of the child.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Debra, is very worried about Sophia, and for good reason.

Sophia often accompanies Farrah while she is on the road traveling, and Debra is worried that Sophia is being subjected to witnessing things a child her age shouldn’t see.

Debra was also upset when Farrah decided to remove Sophia from a public school setting so that the two could travel and not have to worry about the child missing school time.

Perhaps Sophia has tutors and is still getting a proper education, but Debra wants her to be around family in a stable environment — And Farrah’s mom feels she can provide that.

Debra remains adamant that Sophia is being exposed to situations she shouldn’t see, and has plans to hire a lawyer to help her get partial custody of Farrah’s daughter.

Is the way Farrah raises her daughter alarming to you? Do you think Debra has every right to intervene?

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