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Can we just note the opening film for WWDC18 was absolutely hysterical, narrated as a “Planet Earth” type show, picking apart the animal behavior of a developer. 

Everything that we learned from WWDC18 was strictly internal for your devices.

With the number of 95% Customer Satisfaction of iOS 11 – the possibilities of iOS 12 is super exciting, including supporting devices from 2013 to present. Some of the numbers are awesome, as well. As an example, iOS 12 has made even iPhone 6 Plus move faster – which logically speaking, if you don’t update your device everytime Apple sneezes out a new device, this will be so important to you.

Augmented Reality is a highlight in the keynote, including working with Pixar to create USDZ, which will optimize sharing for these animations and 3D works. Adobe has also been involved in the project and bringing the power of immersive design into the applications – letting designers even work with Adobe Creative Cloud with these Apple Devices. It also works on any USBZ enabled product, and they used real-life experiences like building a guitar on Fender and seeing the render in a “real life” setting.


Other awesome achievements are the new app called Measure – in which you can digitally measure what you typically would use a tape measure or a ruler for. Speaking from a place where I love to frame photographs, the fact that it identifies rectangles is a big help in my mind.

Another big app change: When using CarPlay, you will now be able to use Third-Party apps like Google Maps and Waze, which wasn’t available before.



To limit distraction, focus, and more, iOS 12 has made adjustments to Do Not Disturb, clearing your home screen so you don’t get torqued up on the notifications that pop up on the screen.

Notification Settings have adapted to make your notifications grouped by app, and to limit how many notifications you get, including shoving your notifications to the notification center, rather than on your home screen.

There is also a Time Management app called Screen Time that will give you insight into your usage of your phone. You can even give yourself a time limit on your app! But that’s not all – you can also limit the time in your kids’ phones, how long they can use apps, and give them enforced downtime, and uses family sharing so you can manage everything remotely.


Some of the funny ones? The Anamojis can now detect your Tongue, which made for probably the best screen captures for the Keynote. You will also be able to create Memojis, which lets you create your own personalized Memoji, with many different versions – hair, the color of skin, and more.


FaceTime gets a massive upgrade as Group FaceTime adds 3 people to 32 people in the conversation! You can also start off a Group FaceTime from a group chat – so if you need to speak rather than text – they’ve made it super easy! It also works on iPhone, iPad, and your MacBooks!


An update on the Apple iOS for your watch will give you new ways to call and text, Siri updates, and yes, even a walkie-talkie app.


There’s so much more that Apple has introduced – but these are just the highlights!

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