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Kim Kardashian has spoken, and when Kim speaks, we listen!

During a recent taping of Ellen, Kim Kardashian was asked about her feelings regarding
Tristan Thompson cheating on her sister.

Just days before Khloe gave birth, multiple images and footage surfaced of the basketball star cheating on Khloe.

Ellen said, “poor Khloe,” and Kim agreed and reiterated the statement.

Kim was also very clear about the situation being messed up, but was quick to say, that because there is a child involved, she doesn’t want to be too negative.

She also said, she took the same stance when her brother, Rob, had a child.

As you know, there was plenty of drama during his relationship with Blac Chyna.

But back to the Khloe situation.

It’s not really clear where Khloe and Tristan stand in light of the cheating scandal, but we sincerely wish them well.

You can see the clip of Kim on Ellen’s show here.

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