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By now, you’ve heard about the kiss on American Idol that landed Katy Perry in hot water.

After Perry gave Benjamin Glaze, a contestant on the show, a friendly kiss, he later revealed the gesture made him uncomfortable.

Glaze, who has never been in a relationship, wanted his first kiss to be a special moment he shared with his first girlfriend.

However, Perry stole his first kiss.

Naturally, the internet was divided over “the kiss.” Perhaps not as much as “the dress” but still, divided nonetheless.

As you know, Luke Bryan is also a judge on American Idol, and he also reacted to the kiss.

According to People Magazine, Luke is quoted as saying the incident was blown out of proportion.

Luke also noted that he witnessed an interview where Glaze was cool with the kiss.

Luke is taking Katy’s side on this one. He credited her with being a hard worker and making the show entertaining.

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