PERRIS, CA - MAY 15: Weeds have taken over a yard of a foreclosed home scheduled for work by Insta-Green USA, which will cut the weeds and apply an environmentally friendly dye to color the dead lawn to blend with the green lawns of the rest of the neighborhood on May 15, 2009 in Perris, California. When repossessed homes are neglected, property values plummet for both the foreclosed houses and the surrounding properties. With the hope of speeding up sales and reoccupation of the many foreclosed homes in the region, the city of Perris has set up a $2 million fund with to hire the Insta-Green company to make neglected properties presentable. They have given face-lifts to a couple dozen homes so far at a price of around $500 per property. The colorant last up to about six months and is harmless to people and animals. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

If you love to spend spring days working in your yard or garden, you’ve most certainly come across a pesky weed, or maybe a lot of them!  How much do you know about weeds?  Take the quiz and see!