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(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for JumpLine)

So I’m sure you’ve noticed in Hollywood lately, reports of sexual assault or harassment have become a regular occurrence.

USA Today took a survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, and an overwhelming 94% of them said that they have personally experienced assault or harassment. 87% say they have received unwanted sexual gestures, jokes & comments. 69% said that they have been groped in a sexual way at least once.

According to Complex, only one in four of those women reported the assaults to authorities. The study shows that nearly all of the experiences went unreported due to fear.

40% of the women say they did not trust the system and 34% weren’t even sure that they had gone through something that was considered sexual harassment.

A positive from the results of the survey show that younger women were more likely to report the assault or harassment that gives hope that these numbers will drop over time.

The survey was conducted in partnership with The Creative Coalition, Women in Film & Television, and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. You can see the results here.


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