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It’s no secret that the 2017-2018 flu season has been especially harsh on people, and the current vaccine seems to offer little protection against warding off the flu.

While researchers revise the vaccine each year to try to fight the predicted strand, their prediction yields anywhere from less than 20 percent to as high as 60 percent — In terms of its effectiveness.

According to Fox 5, researchers are working to formulate a flu vaccine that will last a lifetime. Admittedly, they believe they are about a decade away from finding the right formula.

Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine are focusing their attention on T-cells. T-cells are also referred to as memory cells. If a long-term vaccine were to be effective, it would need to trigger these memory cells to fight the virus before people fall ill.

Undoubtedly, if a lifelong flu vaccine is successfully formulated, it would in theory stop the virus in its tracks.

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