NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 14: Aviation American Gin on display at the Rock & Roll Sushi hosted by Masaharu Morimoto at Union Fare on October 14, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

As we all being to age, we are looking for the secret to an everlasting life.

Doctors recommend eating well and working out, but Mabel Jackson believes it rests somewhere else. The 100-year-old woman swears that the secret to her long life is from drinking gin and tonics.

Mabel currently resides in Suffolk, England where she drinks up to six of the cocktails. According to the Suffolk Gazette, she started drinking gin and tonics when she was 18 years old. From then, she predicts that “she has consumed the equivalent of 4,264 bottles” of the concoction says Supercall.

That’s a lot of alcohol!

Granted, there is no definite evidence that supports alcohol is the key to a long life. We highly do not recommend running to your local liquor store and downing that many bottles. However, it’s a hilarious theory!

Mabel told the Gazette “I have two a lunchtime, one at tea time with a biscuit and then three more during the evening while I do my knitting.”

Needless to say, she is seriously a turnt granny. We could not imagine our grandmas sipping on hard liquor while they are enjoying their tea and biscuits. Trips to grandma’s house would be a lot more interesting!

Her daughter, Mary Whiteside stated to the Gazette “Mum has always been a bit of a character. She loves a tipple to be honest, it seems to have preserved her, like a good pickle.”

As we stated before, there is no medical backing behind this theory, However, Mabel is not the only person who has claim alcohol is the causes as to why they are still alive. A New Jersey woman stated Miller High Life and shots of Walker Blue was the reason why she lived until 100 years.

Mabel, you certainly are a legend!


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