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As a parent, you do everything possible to protect your children from the moment they are born. But, what if you are unintentionally feeding your infant or toddler something that could potentially harm them? How do you protect them from that?

The Clean Label Project tested several popular baby food products recently for toxins, and the results are alarming.

To test the food, the Clean Label Project gathered samples of baby food products from around 60 brands. These samples were then tested for 130 toxins, such as Arsenic, BPA, heavy metals, and more.

The results are in and they are concerning, to say the least. According to Fox 4kc, Arsenic was found in 65 percent of the samples, Cadmium was found in 58 percent of the samples, and lead was found in 36 percent of the samples.

The brands that recorded the worst scores were Earth’s Best, Parent’s Choice, and Gerber — just to name a few.

To see a full list of all baby products tested, please click here.

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