(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Giving birth to an unhealthy child is every parent’s worst nightmare, but what’s even worse if finding an organ donor for your child — and then being told your child has been denied a life-saving operation.

This same scenario played out in the lives of Anthony Dickerson, Carmella Burgess, and their son A.J., 2.

According to 13 News Now, little A.J. was born without Kidneys. Just a few years ago, being born without Kidneys was deemed a condition incompatible with life. Fast forward to today, and babies have been kept alive through various treatments — including dialysis.

In search of a Kidney donor for their son, Anthony and Carmella were excited when they found out Anthony was a perfect match.

Unfortunately, since then, A.J. was denied surgery after his father was arrested for violating his probation.

Even though Anthony was released a short time later, the Transplant Team canceled the scheduled surgery and said they would work with Anthony’s parole officer and reevaluate their decision in three months.

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