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The world can be a scary place sometimes. If you’re looking for some ways to decompress, grabbing a post-work glass of wine with your best friend can help. Cuddling with your dog is a good bet too. But there are a few apps to add to your phone that are perfect for battling against stress. Try downloading one of them today when you’re in need of a little zen in your life:

The Pocket Happiness Coach

The app enables you to log your mood and really get in touch with your feelings in order to figure out how to more effectively boost your happiness levels. Grab it for $3.99 in the iTunes store.


GPS For the Soul

The app was developed by Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington and Deepak Chopra. It measures biofeedback from your body in order to monitor your stress levels. It also offers useful meditation tools, calming pictures, and soothing music.



Speaking of meditation, this is a great tool when it comes to decompressing after a long day or starting your morning off on the right foot. It’s perfect for beginners as well as more advanced meditators and offers guided sessions to get you comfortable with the process. The app is free, but you can also purchase specific medications, such as a meditation to ease anxiety.

Where our late night meditators at? ????

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Stress Doctor

This app offers up deep breathing exercises plus a heart rate monitor, so you can see exactly how your body is changing as you go through the program.

Azumio turns your phone into a biofeedback device

Whether it is analyzing your heart rate, controlling stress, or tracking your sleep patterns, Silicon Valley-based Azumio is using smartphone technology to give users a better and more accurate picture of your health. SmartPlanet gets a demo from Azumio's Jen Grenz.



Happify gives you a series of science-based games to help you move past your anxiety in order to feel better and more energized each day.

Are you a glass half-full kind of person when confronted by challenges? #happiness #quote #optimism #positivity #joy #challenge #opportunity

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My Mood Tracker

You may be aware that sometimes you feel more stressed than others, but My Mood Tracker allows you to start to pick up on patterns so you can make positive changes. Over time, you may realize that you always feel extra-stressed because that Wednesday morning meeting, allowing you to better prepare in order to combat some of those worries.

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Try adding these apps to your phone for a much-needed burst of relaxation and calm in the middle of the workday craziness.



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