Does anyone else ever get saddened or even frustrated with all the negative headlines we get?

Maybe it’s worse because of social media where we see news at all hours of the day. When we hear about hate crimes or learn or awful tragedies that occur in our world, we tend to become down on life. We start to almost crave positivity. Let’s face it, sad news of any kind is exhausting.

Even if it’s on a personal level. Maybe, you just lost a family member or your dealing with a significant other that’s not treating you like you feel you should be treated. At this point, you need someone to come around and give you a boost, whether it’s a few kind words, a sweet gesture or cheerful attitude.

That’s when we push the refresh button. That’s when we say “does anyone have something nice to say?’ or “can anyone bring something kind to the table?” It’s really our way of attempting to restore our faith in humanity.

That’s why people have taken to Twitter to say something nice using the hashtag #SaySomethingNiceDay. Although, every day should be #SaySomethingNiceDay.

When’s the last time you genuinely said something kind to someone simply to make their day?

Sarah Francis is a half-Palestinian journalism junkie, a proud Charlotte, NC native with an oversized sweet tooth, and an active world traveler. Ask her where she’s headed next. (@Sarah_Francis25)